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Anaphase: the stage during cell division in which chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles,”
a metaphor for our mission to publish high-quality non-mainstream books.

Topics We Need

We seek manuscripts in the following areas:

We do NOT publish books on gambling systems, get-rich-quick schemes, comic books, biographies, pornography, politics, hatred or bigotry, religion, memoirs, autobiographies, personal journals, family histories, or any other “personal” works with an agenda.

Qualifying Works

We value quality and good writing over commercial potential. Good books sell…the word gets around.

We seek well-written, authoritative books from educated and experienced authors. Are you an expert in your field? Have you been doing years of research on a subject outside your field, and now have a book about it? Do you have astounding insight into something perhaps others do not? Is your book unique, exceptional, or does it offer a different approach and solution to a common dilemma? We want to see it!

We’re tired of the “same old same old” trite ordinariness that bloats the bookshelves today. Surprise us! Raise our eyebrows, make us gasp or burst into laughter. Thrill us with new concepts and unusual techniques. Impress us with your command of your topic, and show us how easy a challenging subject can be. If you “have a way with words” and can express yourself in a manner entertaining and informative to others, we want to see your work!

We will accept previously published work if it is not bound in contract with another publisher, and the author is the copyright owner. No work-for-hire content can be republished unless accompanied by a legal release from the original contractor.

Terms, Policies, Submission Guidelines

  • How-To
  • Biology
  • Self-Help
  • Physiology
  • Philosophy
  • Anatomy
  • Writing
  • Chemistry
  • Language
  • Physics
  • Art
  • Cosmology
  • Dance
  • Mathematics
  • Costuming
  • Ethology (animal behavior)
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Humor
  • Sociology
  • Science Fiction
  • Anthropology
  • Short Story Collections
  • Ethnic Cooking

About Anaphase Publishing

Anaphase Publishing started as a research service in 1987 (as Anaphase II Research/Publishing) for college professors and students. In 1988 we released our first book, Nutritional Self-Defense, written by the company’s founder, Lily Splane. Since then, we have continued as a small, independent press dedicated to producing clear, concise, authoritative how-to and science books for the lay public.

Today, Anaphase is primarily a soft-cover and e-book publisher. We release most of our titles in PDF e-book format at very reasonable prices. Most of our books make it to soft-cover editions, which we produce in small print-runs through on-demand digital technology.

We have expanded our subject areas to include the sciences, writing and book design, music instruction, and science fiction. We will continue to add topics such as costume design, dance, art instruction, and many other themes. Full-color books with photographic illustrations lend themselves well to the e-book format due to low production costs. Look for more colorful editions as we continue to grow!

Right now, our main audience is adult. However, we are interested in publishing intelligent children’s books on science-based topics.

E-Book Publishing?

Publishing books in electronic format was at one time considered a desperate strategy for authors who couldn’t get published any other way. Not any more. E-book publishing has swiftly become a new opportunity for some of the biggest publishers in the country: Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill, and Barnes & Noble, to name a few. Even well-known authors such as William Gibson (Neuromancer), Michael Chrichton (Prey), and Stephen King have books published in e-book format. Digital publishing may be an alternative method of exposure for authors, but it is by no means second-rate.

Digital publishing also does not preclude publication in traditional print. Assigning First Electronic Rights to a publisher means authors may still seek publication with large print-edition publishers. Indeed, successful e-book sales often garner unexpected solicitations from commercial hard-cover publishers.

Benefits of Digital Publishing

Information for Authors

Anaphase is currently seeking exceptional and unique manuscripts for inclusion in our e-book and soft-cover line!

We want our authors’ books to remain as close as possible to the original manuscript. We won’t transform your creation into some watered-down, “lowest-common-denominator” commercialized version, or a fluffed-up, padded-out tome that unnecessarily increases page count to increase cover price. We don’t censor quality, creative works. We preserve our authors’ visions of their books.

Anaphase Publishing