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A Complete Guide to Creating a Book on Your Computer


by Lily Splane

Inside Information the Big Publishers
Don’t Want You to Have!

Publishers typically reject 999 of 1000
manuscripts submitted—and your
talent, knowledge, and writing skills
may have nothing to do with it!

Is this how you want your
literary creation treated?

Publishing industry trends endanger good writers. More and more people are writing, but good writers have to compete with amateurs clogging up the system with unpublishable work. Tighter budgets make publishers more selective than ever. The competition for bookstore shelf-space is fierce. With all those factors against you, it’s no wonder the average author waits 5–15 years for that first acceptance and publication. Aren’t you tired of postponing what you know you deserve? Don’t wait for that elusive stroke of good luck—publish and sell your book yourself!

Self-publishing books abound. Graphic design books for producing flyers and brochures are everywhere. But where will you find everything you need to know about editing, typesetting, and designing an entire book on your own computer? In The Book Book: A Complete Guide to Creating a Book on Your Computer, of course!

ISBN 978-0-945962-44-1

8½" x 11"           160 pages

Softcover        Retail $24.95

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About The Author

Lily Splane has been writing, editing, typesetting, and designing books for self-publishers, college professors, and small presses for more than thirty years. She currently resides in San Diego, California.

PLUS Marketing and Distribution Tips:

Self-publishing encompasses three immutable certainties: It’s hard work, it’s not cheap, and it’s very gratifying. If you do what it takes, a fourth certainty can be yours: it’s profitable!

The Book Book was designed to make book planning, typesetting, layout, and prepress production accessible to and easy for anyone with computer experience.

Making your book marketable entails complying with some oftentimes rigid industry standards, allowing little deviation.

Your book doesn’t have to be among the volumes of poorly-designed printed matter. Your book can stand out and command respect, even awe.

In The Book Book you will learn:


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