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Typesetting, layout, and design of your project into camera-ready form suitable for a book printing press, is beyond the scope of most ghostwriters and editors.

As I am experienced in book production and have been making books ready for press since 1990, I can provide these services.

In addition to typesetting and layout, my skills encompass all facets of book production including indexing, cover design, color separations, barcoding, computerized graphics, and freehand illustration.

I also design spreadsheets and can provide cash-flow statements, projected profit and loss statements, and balance sheets for business applications such as business plans and annual reports.

Book & Cover Design

I can provide graphics and notation for specialized needs:

...if you can imagine it, I can find a way to create it for your publication.

Typesetting and layout requires an additional one to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Book printing, registration, and distribution services are also available.

Want to Self-Publish your book, keeping all the profits and maintaining complete control of your vision? Hire a book shepherd!

Cover Design by AuthorHouse
(formerly FirstBooks) author services
for Harry Carpenter's The Genie Within

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Cover Redesigned by CyberScribe
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Interior Layout by AuthorHouse
for Harry Carpenter's The Genie Within

Interior Layout by CyberScribe
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