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Student Supplement


by Professor Mimi Rasky

“I did list your supplement as an optional text. It is nicely done...I do like it!”

—Professor John Elwin, SDSU

“[Professor] Rasky manages to do what millions of students swear is impossible—she makes math fun.”

—Christine De Jesus, Southwestern College Sun, 3/7/2008

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How the “Cluck”
Do I Do This?!

Chicken of Calculus?

If you've ever been lost trying to solve a calculus problem, this step-by-step guide is your salvation!

Never be mystified again! Solutions contain lots of intermediate steps not found in other calculus student-solutions manuals.

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This is THE Definitive Source, Because…
Schaum's Outlines DOESN'T cover
Calculus Three!

ISBN 978-0-945962-49-6

8½" x 11"           528 pages

Softcover        Retail $60.00

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About The Author

Miriam (Mimi) Rasky is currently a tenured mathematics professor at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA and has been teaching mathematics and computer programming at the college level since 1994.

She received her B.S. E.E. from the University of California, Berkeley (CA) in 1984. She worked as an electrical engineer for nine and one-half years, primarily in research and design of missile defense systems for the aerospace industry.

Ms. Rasky then went on to get her Master's degree in pure mathematics from San Diego State University (M.A., 1996). Her thesis was on dyadic parameterization using fractals. Her advisor was Dr. David Lesley (now retired). She is happily married, has no children, and enjoys teaching, dancing, travel, and bird-watching. She plans on writing a couple of more books soon, so stay tuned!

Note from the Author, Mimi Rasky

Third Semester Calculus: Student Supplement, 4TH Edition is meant to be an aid for the student. It is not intended to be a replacement for a main text in the course. Originally, this book was written to parallel Roland E. Larson’s Calculus, Seventh Edition. However, this book can be used to supplement any third semester (multi-variable and vector analysis) calculus course.

This book has features and benefits to the student that are missing from other books and calculus supplements such as Schaum’s Outlines and the like. For example:

I have included many more vector analysis examples needed for third semester calculus than the other books on the market. I also spend a lot of time and space discussing cylindrical and spherical coordinates, and include numerous examples on the basics of these as well as the vector analysis use of these coordinate systems.

I have also found that students appreciate (and need) quite a bit of algebra review in their calculus classes. Although many instructors refuse to “backtrack” to cover algebra in a calculus course, I have found that students get the satisfaction of realizing their algebra skills actually have a place in higher levels of math. So, I take time (and space) to do this in many of my examples.

Note to Instructors

I have found that many texts covering multi-variable calculus and vector analysis do not have challenging enough problems when it comes to limits, differentiation and integration. In other words, I like to see problems in this course that actually use concepts covered in second semester calculus: e.g. advanced integration techniques such as Partial Fraction Decomposition, Trigonometric Substitution, integrals involving powers of trig functions, Integration by Parts, as well as limits requiring L’Hôpital’s Rule. Thus, my examples may seem more challenging than many found in basic texts.

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