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Cosmigellan: Universe Unfolding

A Philosophical Science Fiction Novel

By Lily Splane

Cosmigellan: Universe Unfolding
will compel you to re-examine
your assumptions, assess your
potential, and dare take charge of
what you cherish most: your life.

According to Cosmigellan, a gentle Phaedran accidentally ejected from his home planet by ancient ritual, it is through discovering, knowing, and embracing the universe, that one transcends the petty concerns of the self to truly become.

"Seek your inner truth; live to your potential." This is Cosmigellan's message, and for Rita it has become the only antidote to a pointless and tortured existence.

Crippled, alone, and subservient to a disturbed and abusive father, Rita finds previously unknown personal strength and determination through the gentle and oftentimes infuriatingly paradoxical mentoring of her alien friend and lover. She comes to understand why the many apparently diverging paths of her life have brought her to this one place-trapped in a corner of a life that is yet to be realized. The decisions she must make will horrify her and challenge everything she believes about choice and responsibility.

Along her bizarre odyssey, Rita discovers astounding truths not only about herself, but of the universe and the origin of intelligence itself. And even the wise Cosmigellan must learn new truths. His relationship with Rita forces him to expose his most vulnerable inner self, and now he must reveal his most guarded secret, a secret he has kept even from himself, a secret passed generation to generation of Phaedrans…for nearly fifteen billion years.

ISBN 978-0-945962-16-9

5½" x 8½"           258 pages

Softcover        Retail $12.95

About The Author

Lily Splane’s background and interest in many of the sciences—especially the philosophical aspects of quantum cosmology—compels her to write a science fiction novel of great depth and emotional impact. She currently resides in San Diego, California.


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