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Sentence Structure

Sentences must contain a noun and a verb to be complete. In autobiographies and fiction it’s acceptable to use incomplete sentences. See?

Paragraph Structure

The first sentence introduces the paragraph. Succeeding sentences give details . The last sentence summarizes the paragraph and leads the reader into the next paragraph.

Essay or Story Structure

The first paragraph introduces the topic. Succeeding paragraphs give specific details on the topic. The last paragraph summarizes the entire essay or concludes the story.

Above all, have fun. Humor is your lifeline. Find humor not only in your writing but in your life. Humor is the universal antidote to self-reproach, disappointment, frustration, and despair. Humor can get you through the worst of times, and can make the good times even better. “Nothing ever works out for me. I’d jump off a building, except I’d just snag my eyelid on a nail on the way down.”

Humor is especially important in dealing with others. Being disabled means many of your relationships will change; some may even end. Relationships will have to evolve or become extinct.

Humor is to relationships what conservation is to endangered species. If they are to survive, there must be an effort on both sides. Humor can be the catalyst and the cohesive force in your altered relationships with others. A good laugh is worth a thousand sympathetic words.

Writing to Cope with Disability, page 4