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FAT Loss Secrets

What Works, What Doesn’t

An Interactive Workbook

for Easy Diet and Activity Analysis

to Achieve Quick & Lasting Results

by Lily Splane, M.N.

About The Author

Lily Splane earned her Master’s degree in Nutritional Science in 1981, and was a practicing nutritionist in her own business for six years. She also has a solid background in laboratory analysis, veterinary pre-med, and emergency medicine technology. Ms. Splane has conducted research in alcohol metabolism, metabolic physiology, and pre-menstrual syndrome, and has lectured throughout San Diego County. She currently resides in San Diego, California.

ISBN 978-0-945962-48-9

8" x 10"           150 pages

Softcover        Retail $29.95

Liberally Illustrated
with diagrams and photos

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Losing fat shouldn’t be traumatic, time-consuming, or confusing.

FAT Loss Secrets is for people who don’t like to read research on diet and exercise, trying to figure out what might work and what might be bogus. Contained herein is the current information you will need to ease into a lifestyle of better health and well-being. There are no recipes or bizarre programs to follow. It’s all really a matter of living with your inherited physiology, rather than trying to design a lifestyle that requires you to study volumes of nutrition and exercise books, trying to find a “fit” you can live with.

This approach to good health will work for anyone of any age, physical condition, or food aversions (or obsessions!). There are only two principles to understand: They are straightforward and uncomplicated, and completely adaptable to your preferences.

  1. Your diet should consist of mostly plants, with lean meats, nuts and seeds, and dairy products as sources of important nutrients. That's it.
  2. You’ll discover that a mere 15 minutes daily of exercise is all that is required to get fit and stay that way for life.

As you learn in each of 8 Health Concepts chapters, you will be invited to engage in the analysis of your own health—as it now stands—with self-assessment questions and activities, permitting insight into your status and goals.

Get ready to become your favorite subject of study!

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Introduction from FAT Loss Secrets

Concept #4—Processed Food Intake