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Heart Wide Open

Inspirational Poems for Healing

by Mary Griffith

Selected Poems from Heart Wide Open

(from Chapter 2—Growing Pains, page 18)

A Star is Born

Trust little one, trust they won’t take

Mommy away for good

Only for a little while

It was nothing you did

You were not bad

Be not sad

Mommy will be glad to see you

There you are

Listening to guitar

Playing pool, this is cool

Fresca from the soda machine

Don’t even like it but bottle is green

Sister is a traitor, never comes

Daddy is helpless, no control, he confesses

“What do you want me to do?”

I can’t believe the mess

I know what’s best

It’s my job to make it all right

Fright, fight, tight, might

I whittle myself away

Soon I know not who I am

I become a sponge soaking up messes

Hiding in dresses

Make believe I’m a star

A star cannot be touched high in the sky

Away from the earth

Where worms eat dirt

No one can touch me

Not even me

(from Chapter 3—Hope, page 49)


African violets

Sing while

I do dishes

(from Chapter 5—Love, page 90)

Heart Wide Open

Heart wide open full of love

Melting down the compartments of dysfunction

Feeling defensive less and less

Doing what feels best for me

I am worth my time

Others can take care of themselves

Books on shelves

Hold knowledge no more sacred than what is within my own soul

I know for the first time I am free

Free from debris that keeps me from the truth

The truth of who and what I am

Not to become but uncover what’s already there

Share, love, laugh, stillness

Joy, peace

Such a relief

To be on the right path