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Heart Wide Open

Inspirational Poems for Healing

by Mary Griffith

“Heart Wide Open is poetry to touch the soul.”

—Ron Rathbun, author of
The Way Is Within and The Kelee

“Mary Griffith’s Heart Wide Open demonstrates grace, rawness, confidence, and ease. It’s rare to read such transparent work, and it’s refreshingly exciting.”

— Jenny Ward, author of
Who Said So?

Transforming pain and fear into forgiveness and love can help heal the heart to experience the truth of who we are. We are all worthy of feeling good about ourselves and deserve to love and be loved. It starts with self-acceptance.

Being honest with ourselves and forgiving the past can break the barriers to living a fulfilled life. We are not alone. Join author (yoga and meditation practitioner) Mary Griffith on a journey to open your heart.

Table of Contents




Chapter One: Freedom

Strings of My Soul Free Our Dream Going Home Open Up Veil Lifted A Child Has Awakened Balance Haiku

Chapter Two: Growing Pains

Get Real Honeysuckle Resistance A Star Is Born Balboa I Love You, But Too Much Sickness Finding Religion Not Right Downward Streams Wrong! Not Okay Awareness A Weed? Lonely Mailboxes Escape Love Affair Moonlight High and Low Cotton Candy Darkness to Light

Chapter Three: Hope

Healing Hearts Who Said So? A Child Angels Forgiveness Winged Glory Life New Day Pen On Paper Chop Wood, Carry Water Zen Flow

Chapter Four: Collective Souls

Kindred Spirits Alexa Baby Rane Be In Your Body Bobbi Cindy Lou Dragonfly Evelyn

ISBN 978-0-945962-32-8

5½" x 8½"           104 pages

Softcover        Retail $15.00

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About The Author

Mary Griffith grew up in Southern California. Broken marriages, mental illness, alcoholism, low self-esteem, and financial instability were part of life. She found freedom and comfort in dance, music, writing, and drawing.

Writing poetry is a personal expression that comes from her heart. Practicing meditation and yoga has led Mary on an inward path uncovering the truth and love that is within.

She is certified by the Kelee Meditation Center and Yoga Studio Carlsbad, registered with Yoga Alliance, and currently teaches meditation and yoga in San Diego County.

Table of Contents, continued

Gil Glen Helen Hope Jenny Mary Melinda Monica Moon Goddess Morgan Richard Ron Music Man Ernie Goof Dusty Timmy Daddy, I Love You The Gypsy and The Captain

Chapter Five: Love

Illusion I Am Me I Love Me More Love Heals Whisper Choices Best Friend Meditation Soul Search Heart Wide Open Yoga Affirmations Got Love?

About the Author


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Heart Wide Open

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