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Belly Dance
Rhythms DVD



Brent Lewis’ Exotic Percussion

Rhythms from all over the world! FREE MP3 files! Win a CD!

Middle-Eastern Dance

Arguably one of the best belly dance sites on the ‘Net. Hundreds of pages of articles, lessons, history, and anything else pertaining to the world’s most sensual art form.


Extensive index of belly-dance related sites

The Gilded Serpent
Belly Dance Archive

Journal of Record for Middle Eastern Music, Dance, and Belly Dance

Elegant Costume Jewelry

Zowie! Look like royalty for a few bucks....


Tons of shareware & freeware guaranteed virus and adware free! If you can’t find it here, it hasn’t been programmed yet!

Drivers HQ

Download FREE drivers for almost any adapter, printer, hard drive, or other computer component. Many versions, several operating systems.


Downloads, screensavers, desktops, web-page tutorials. Can’t get enough of the feel-good stuff? Need a bitchin’ theme, a weird screensaver, or a few tips and how-to-do-its? TUCOWS has it all!

media player for Windows

The best media player around—and it’s still FREE! It really whips the lama's ass!


Copyright Office

Register your book, film, art, or music here

California Civil Codes

Fighting your legal case on your own? Arm yourself here!

Consumer Affairs

Been ripped off by a business? Blow the whistle on cheats, scammers, and dirty dealers, and maybe even get your money back.

San Diego City Treasurer

Download Business Tax Permit (formerly Business License) forms here.

San Diego County Recorder/Clerk

Download a Fictitious Name statement form to register your business name.

California State Board of Equalization: Seller’s Permit

If you live in California and want to sell stuff, you have to ask for permission from Big Brother Cal



Visual arts dictionary and encyclopedia of artsy-fartsy terms and concepts. Illustrated.

Graphic River

Zowie! Drool-worthy graphics reasonably priced

Clik International

Graphic Design Goodies like gold and diamond letters!

Plugins, filters, and actions for PhotoShop. A few are free; some will cost ya.


stuff for smart masses

A selection of gadgets, gags, and techno-tripe for your amusement

A truly excruciating experience...What can anyone say about It’s disgusting, it’s hilarious, it’s nasty, it’s nauseating.... Words fail it...but like a traffic accident, you just have to look.

If it’s misspelled or misunderstood from some other country, you can probably find it here!

Urban Dictionary

The definitive source for slang and artfully distorted words in current use

Reason Magazine

Free Minds and Free Markets (Libertarian slant)


Galaxy Encyclopedias

An awesome collection of encyclopedias on so many topics you'll be surfing for days, oblivious to the time continuum.

Big Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, online

Brush up on what you should know, or use as a resource to fake it!


Que es this thingy? Online translation service

Look up any abbreviation in any category


A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation: hear words spoken to avoid sounding moronic....

Metric Conversions

Convert Bewteen Metric and US Measurements
(the US is so stubborn)

XE—Currency Converter

How many pesos in a yen? Or vice-versa?

Open Culture

The best free cultural & educational media on the web

Internet Public Library

Find any book on any topic. FREE e-book downloads.

Library Spot

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, quotations, maps, and more.


Online glossary of Internet terms, jargon, and other definitions. Quite humorous.


PLOS: Public Library of Science

Find scientific articles, abstracts, and references here.

Medical Biochemistry

Dive headlong into a sea of biochemistry!

Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Astounding science for why we’re getting fat as a nation!

Nutrient Data Laboratory

Look up what nutrients are in your food.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The definitive source for what’s real—rather than hype—in nutrition.

The Glycemic Index,
University of Sydney (Australia)

Keep your blood sugar under control by knowing glycemic index and glycemic load of foods you can look up in a database.

The Merck Manual, online

The legendary disease encyclopedia is now available online for your amusement. Indispensable when you’re just sure you have some rare fatal disease—look up your symptoms, become instantly convinced you’re suffering from something way worse! Great party game!


Information on prescription drugs. Look up that potential iatrogenic nightmare before you swallow...

MIT OpenCourseWare

FREE online college courses


Everything you never thought to ask about physics and astronomy.

Center for Consciousness
at the University of Arizona—Tucson

Ever wonder just HOW consciousness arises in that slimy
3-pound blob of gray matter between your ears?

How Stuff Works

Learn how just about any man-made device operates.


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