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A Philosophy of the Self's Potential
Through Quantum Cosmology


by L. Splane, D.D.

What Can These Two Topics
Possibly Have in Common?

The concept of cosmic order through an ineffable force is astoundingly similar throughout the world, from primitive tribal legend, to religious doctrine, to scientific hypothesis. Quantum Consciousness explores the reasons why this may be so, and attempts to elucidate the role of consciousness in the universe, shaping a new paradigm of human philosophy and behavior based on some thought-provoking conclusions.

Increasingly, researchers are realizing a correlation between scientific exploration and spiritual philosophy, thereby recognizing the complementarity of the two “opposing” viewpoints. Quantum Consciousness investigates and correlates seemingly diverse and unrelated topics, deftly interweaving them into a rich tapestry of philosophical thought.

The physics is gentle and uncomplicated; the philosophy imaginative, daring, unsettling, and surprisingly relevant.

Quantum Consciousness takes the lay reader on a wondrous journey through the major concepts of “reality philosophy,” classical physics, quantum physics, cosmology (which includes us), human brain evolution and physiology, evolutionary psychology and interrelationship behavior, and the study of consciousness in the universe—bringing all of these topics together in a rather surprising way. Quantum Consciousness elucidates the most recent research in quantum physics as it applies to cognitive science, and offers a new explanation for higher-level mental processes and how they may play a role in cosmology itself.

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ISBN 978-0-945962-11-3

6" x 9"           324 pages

Softcover        Retail $25.00

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About The Author

Lily Splane is a freelance writer, editor, and “book shepherd,” providing author services to independent publishers. She has written several magazine articles, and is author of seven books, the most recent of which is Quantum Consciousness.

Ms. Splane's intense 40-year interest and continuing research into quantum physics and human consciousness compelled her to write Quantum Consciousness, that others may be possessed by the same sense of awe and wonder that she has, and be driven to further explore the concepts in this book, the universe, and their place in it. Lily holds a master's degree in nutritional science, and a Doctor of Divinity degree. She lives in San Diego, California.

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