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Cosmigellan: Shadowverse

The Sequel to Cosmigellan: Universe Unfolding
A Science Fiction Novel

By Lily Splane

Who are your friends?

Who are your enemies?

Are you sure
you know the difference?

Rita's life with an alien colony on her secluded ranch oasis in an industrial section of San Diego had been idyllic. When Rita is suddenly abducted by an authoritarian, tyrannical alien race, she must face a horrendous decision: surrender her beloved Phaedran colony to the Hagions to become their slaves, or watch helplessly as the Hagions slowly destroy humanity molecule by molecule through a silent, unseen nanotechnology assault....

To compound the problem, the Phaedrans seem inexplicably passive about their situation, offering no resistance to their captors-and worse, no cooperation in their salvation. It will take everything Rita has to outwit the Hagion race and free her colony, all while stopping the insidious destruction of humanity-a species Rita isn't sure she likes very much anymore.

Rita finds cooperation from local astrophysicist Jason Childress, who has become unexpectedly sensitized to the Phaedran colony's mindlink. Jason's efforts to understand the increase in day-length and a sudden exponential global surge in natural disasters compels him to seek out Rita, if for nothing more than a receptive ear. Not finding her, he impulsively arranges an expedition to Antarctica with a colleague, where the discovery of inexplicable cosmic events suggests an influencing force for which Jason has no preparation. Jason intuits that the changes in the galactic neighborhood, the tumultuous events occurring on Earth, and the lengthened day are all related…and he is certain Rita knows why.

So begins the impossible war against an intractable alien force.

ISBN 978-0-945962-17-7

5½" x 8½"           236 pages

Softcover        Retail $11.95

Table of Contents

Chapter 1     The Symmetry of Chaos

Chapter 2     F = g x Mm/r2

Chapter 3     Responses

Chapter 4      Sacrifices

Chapter 5     Concessions

Chapter 6     Infinity Quantized

Chapter 7     Diversions

Chapter 8     Machinations

Chapter 9     Cold Fusion

Chapter 10   Polarities

Chapter 11   Resources

Chapter 12   Belief Systems

Chapter 13   Subterfuge

Chapter 14   Disillusion and Dissolution

Chapter 15   Revelations

Chapter 16   Resonances

Chapter 17   Convictions

Chapter 18   Interference Patterns

Chapter 19   Variables

Chapter 20   Strong Nuclear Force

Chapter 21   Of The One

Chapter 22   Grand Unified Theory

About The Author

Lily Splane's background and interest in many of the sciences—especially the philosophical aspects of quantum cosmology—compels her to write a science fiction novel of great depth and emotional impact. She currently resides in San Diego, California.