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Would you love to have a true professional edit, typeset, and design your book for you, completely

realizing your creative vision?

You've come to the right place!

I’ll “hold your hand” while gently assisting and guiding you through the publishing and marketing process. I can take you all the way from an unedited manuscript to a fabulous published book with a full-color cover, and help you get it into the marketplace and promote it, all in one seamless process!

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Book Production Timeline—How Long It Takes…

What's It All About?

Authors get books published through three methods: 1) with a traditional royalty publisher, 2) self-publish, or 3) hire a professional book “shepherd,” who assists authors in self-publishing.

Traditional Royalty Publishing

Getting your book published through a regular royalty publisher is attractive to most authors, but VERY difficult. It typically takes three to ten years for a new author to get a first acceptance. Most publishers accept only agented projects. Authors may invest a great deal of time finding an agent and waiting—perhaps decades—for that first publishing contract.

Publishers typically offer royalties of 7–10% of the cover price to authors. Of all of the entities involved in publishing a book—the author, publisher, printing press, bookstore, and shipping service—the author makes the least money on all his or her creative effort. Does this seem right?


There are two ways to self-publish: start your own independent press, or publish through an established publisher offering author services, that already has distribution channels wide open and international database registration set up.

The first option entails learning an entire industry from the ground up, investing a GREAT deal of time learning your “new career” (a huge learning curve for the complete “do-it-yourselfer”), and of course, pumping lots of money into your company over about a two-year period before you break even. Unless you have something inside you that LOVES to build empires from mere creative sparks, then this option is probably not what you had in mind.

If you’d really like to explore the publishing industry and the self-publishing option, I recommend two really great books: The Book Book: A Complete Guide to Creating a Book on Your Computer, by Lily Splane, and The Self-Publishing Manual, by Dan Poynter.

Book Shepherding (Author Services)

A book shepherd can take your book all the way from manuscript format to a glorious stack of soft-cover books with full-color cover in just weeks. Hiring a book shepherd requires a modest financial investment (compared to starting a publishing company), allows you complete creative freedom, takes the least amount of time (weeks vs. months to years), takes the burden of getting your book to press off your shoulders, AND lets you keep ALL the profits from sales.

In other words: All you do is write the book, and let the book shepherd do the rest! If this idea excites you, book shepherding is something you may want to explore.

The book shepherd will also copyright your book for you, in your name. In addition, ISBN assignment with the all-important barcoding, and distribution with, Barnes &, and other retailers are FREE with shepherding services. The profits from your books are 100% YOURS. You may order additional copies of your book from Anaphase Publishing at any time, which will be shipped directly from our printing press in Tennessee (using paper from American cultivated trees, rather than ravaging virgin forests as many overseas printers do).

NO business to set up, NO hassle, NO studying,
NO paperwork...just sit back and relax
while your dream takes life!

Services Available

* Included in Standard Book Shepherding Package

This entire package is available for a flat fee, based on the scope and complexity of your book. Scholarly and technical works, full-color projects, and heavily-illustrated projects (such as children's picture books) will cost more than general-reader works.

Save thousands of dollars! Have your entire publishing and promotion project professionally created by one designer. Establish a visual identity by integrating your book and web-site appearance and content.

Packages start at $500.

Please fill out our online quote request form, and submit via email two PDF forms—Book Title Form and Book Proposal Worksheet—to get a quote, valid for 30 days.

See typical costs for these services if done elsewhere (200-page 6" x 9" how-to book).

It IS possible to get high quality
for lower cost. Check out the others,
then come back here
and get what you want
for the price you can afford!


Lily Splane has been a freelance writer and editor since 1970, and has been helping independent publishers get their books out into the marketplace since 1990. Lily’s book shepherding services allow authors a fast and inexpensive self-publishing option, helping them to realize their creative visions without investing the considerable time and money in starting their own publishing companies.

She has also ghost-written manuals and booklets for small businesses and independent publishers on topics ranging from sewing-machine repair to electrical installation instructions to software instructions to popular psychology to business plans.

References and résumé available upon request.

Book Shepherding

Have you got your heart set on self-publishing,
but just don’t know how to start?