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Terms and Policies

Anaphase Publishing loves creative people. We treat our authors, artists, and musicians with respect, even awe. We won’t play cut-throat games or look for ways to increase our profits at the expense of our clients’ goals. We do business with long-term relationships as a priority. That means we care about how you feel about working with us and about your financial success as an author. We will carry your book for as long as you like, or release your work back to you if you find a more promising venue. All we ask is that you respect our policies and the contract we have with you, the details of which you will find below. Please read on.

We are NOT a vanity press. We won’t publish your book if it isn’t up to our standards—and our standards are high. When we accept a book for publication, we do all the editing, typesetting, and design at no charge, just like any other typical publisher. Anaphase does not charge authors for these services (unless the author wishes to hire our book shepherd or authoring services to self-publish). We will NOT rewrite your book if you submit a manuscript that needs extensive editing; manuscripts requiring major rewrites will be returned.

Please also keep in mind:

There is NO excuse for misspellings. Most word processors have a spell checker—use it!

Manuscripts peppered with bad grammar will be rejected. If you know how to write, it will show.

Response Time

Response time on queries is about 30 days. We take about 60 days to respond on a manuscript submission. Once your book is accepted for publication, you can expect to see it in print in one to three months, depending on the editing required and design complexity.

Incomplete manuscripts will be considered only if accompanied by an outline indicating what matter will come later, and a projected completion date.

You own the copyright to your manuscript as submitted, whether or not you officially copyright it—that’s the law. We cannot legally use your work or any part of it without a contract. We will copyright your work for you when it is ready for publication.

If your book is not accepted for publication, you will be told—as kindly as possible—the reason we declined. If your book has potential, we may suggest remedies and ask you to resubmit a rewritten version.

Royalties and Advances

Authors receive a 15% royalty on the cover price of each e-book we sell.

If your book goes to a soft-cover edition (and most do), we pay 10% royalty on the cover price. Other publishers typically offer 7% on soft-cover editions—or worse—may offer royalties on the net profit, rather than the cover price. Anaphase Publishing cares about its authors.

We may offer an advance if we option the soft-cover edition of your book. Advances are governed by e-book sales and vary, and will be subtracted from future royalties.


Our exclusive electronic publishing rights contract with you will extend 18 months to 3 years, after which we may renew your contract. Should your contract not be renewed by you or by us, the rights to your book revert back to you to self-publish or place with another publisher as you wish.

Unrenewed contracts release Anaphase of any further interest in your book, and release authors of any continued obligations to us.

Authors will receive one copy of the published edition of their e-book free of charge.

If the book is optioned for release in soft-cover, authors receive two free copies of a soft-cover edition, with the opportunity to purchase additional copies at wholesale prices.

When under contract with us, we retain all electronic resale rights for the duration of the contract (18 months to 3 years). Authors MAY NOT sell our version of their book on their own or to another publisher during the duration of their contract. Violators will have their contracts canceled and be billed for production fees (editing, typesetting, design).

Should we discontinue your book after it has been released in the soft-cover edition, the author has “first right of refusal” on remainders. Authors may buy our inventory at our cost, plus shipping. Because we are an “on-demand” publisher, remainders will be low. We can print extra copies for the author by request. Once an author is released from a contract with us, the author may self-publish the book or offer it for resale to another publisher at will.

We reserve the right to change the title of your book. We invite author input on alternate titles, as well as book cover design.

Submissions Policies

Submissions will be accepted ONLY after a query letter from you, AND our written request to see a few chapters from your book. We accept queries and submissions by e-mail and snail mail:

Anaphase Publishing
4669 Cherokee Avenue, Suite E
San Diego, CA 92116-3654

Your query letter MUST contain specific parameters. To make it easy, please fill out and submit a Manuscript Submission Form online or print it and send via snail mail.

Please keep the ideas in your query letter pertinent to your book and what qualifies you to write it. We DO NOT need to know your gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, health, disability, or financial status—unless these issues somehow qualify you to write your book! (If you wrote a book on stress management for disabled people, for example, we will want to know your experience in this area….)

When we request sample chapters or the full manuscript, please DO NOT direct us to your website to read or download it. You must submit your manuscript directly to us through e-mail or through the US Postal Service.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.


Electronic submissions are PREFERRED, and may be in any popular word-processor file, on both computer platforms. Illustrations must be in jpeg format for screen ONLY (72 dpi). Please attach requested materials to your e-mail in a Zipped archive file.

Please use file extensions, and name your files with author’s last name and book title: for example, author--chaptertitle.doc

Hard copy submissions MUST be in standard manuscript format (download an MS Word book manuscript or short-story template here), double-spaced, NO fancy fonts (Times or Courier preferred). Italic and boldface type styles are acceptable. Hard-copy submissions will be returned ONLY with proper return postage.

We DO NOT accept hand delivery of manuscripts, and DO NOT arrange appointments to receive manuscripts in person. Please do not visit the editorial office in person—you will be turned away.


Books do not market themselves. We will apply all of our marketing strategies to your book to earn it the highest profits available. But, we can’t do it all alone. Making a book a success is a team effort. We expect our authors to take an active part in selling their books. Send everyone you contact to our website to read about your book and buy it. Put as much passion and effort into selling your book as you did writing it, and it will be a triumph!