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In a world dominated by “canned” templates and quickie on-the-fly website construction, the idea of actually having a unique custom-made site rarely occurs to those seeking an online presence.

But, think about it:

Of course you don’t!  That’s what custom designs avoid.  A good website is memorable, inviting, and enticing.  It’s one-of-a-kind and identifies you and your business as something to notice.

Websites start at $300.  I can even provide a domain name and hosting.  No hassle, no pain, no frustration.

Provide the specs and give me a few ideas about what you prefer, and let me take it from there!

Website Design

…And We DO Mean DESIGN!

Some of the Most Unique, Beautiful, and Functional Designs on the Web

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HTML Multimedia Presentation

The original
Genie Within

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