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Wings of Freedom

Poems from the Heart

by Mary Griffith

“This beautiful book is filled with wisdom—both simple and profound. Mary’s poetry flows straight from her open heart, reminding us that we already are the joy and love we seek. It makes me want to sing!”

—Lindsey Hall Cohn,
author of Self-Esteem Tools for Recovery

“Mary Griffith’s second book of poetry is a collection of personal reflections that touch the heart and resonate with our spirit. Their simple beauty and wisdom are welcome affirmations that will be a pleasure to visit frequently.”

—David J. Spencer, Ph.D./Educator

Wings of Freedom was born from stillness of mind, which encourages self-acceptance and detachment. Beauty is within everyone. Letting go of negativity and misperceptions can free ourselves to be who we really are.

This collection of poems may well inspire you to go within, listen to your heart, and follow your dreams. Then, when you are ready, spread your wings and fly!

Table of Contents




Chapter One: Madrigal Heart Songs

Follow Love Is Inside Light Feel Wings of Freedom Angels Sing Dreams Be Still OM Body Learning to Love Dragonfly Open the Door A New Day Take Care of Myself Harmony

Chapter Two: Letting Go

I Let You Go With Love Irma I Dream A Journey Choose Love Hope Healing Touch Being Human I am Willing Coming Home Season of Change Dawn Learn From It Let Go Guilt Now

Chapter Three: Self-Acceptance

Who's the Fairest One of All? I Wonder Field of Flowers My Best Friend Be Kind Wings of Love Doors Beauty Walk Instead Feel What Matters? Who am I? Crossroads Free Choice Moments Self-Acceptance Haiku

ISBN 978-0-945962-36-6

5½" x 8½"           108 pages

Softcover        Retail $13.00

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Table of Contents, continued

Chapter Four: Heart Dance

My Vessel Sands of Time Dance, Little Sister, Dance Elemental Sisters Open Hearts I Must Dance! Kypris Glorious Cyndee Feminine Divine Elaine Time Today We Belong

Chapter Five: Be Still

Love Be Still You Are With Me Light of Awareness Listen Simple Pain Robia No Thank You Rich Judy Begin to Heal Quote Sweet Dreams SRF Gardens I am Grateful Truth True Nature My Part Just Be Kelee Meditation Madrigal

About the Author


About The Author

Mary Griffith grew up in Southern California. Throughout her life she has found joy and comfort in dance, music, writing, and drawing. Writing poetry is a personal expression that comes from her heart.

Practicing Kelee Meditation has led Mary on an inward path uncovering the truth and love that is within. She currently teaches Kelee Meditation, yoga, and belly dance in San Diego County.

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Wings of Freedom

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